We’re a venture studio, focused on (co)-building and investing in disruptive AI solutions.

We embrace a top-down research approach with a value-driven mindset to build and invest in products and businesses that will sustain in the market for decades.

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Ship your product in weeks, not months.

Save your team over 300 development hours by starting your app with a starter pack that is meant to scale. Includes dozens of features from authentication to payments, in-app permissions, user onboarding, and more.

Switch between the Airbnb passwordless authentication system with sms and email or traditional email and password flows.

Complete settings pages and APIs including, personal, team, organization, billing, so you never have to build them again.

Built-in SEO with the Next.js framework so you rank the highest on search engines.

Serve your app to the cloud instantly with Github Actions.

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Powerful time & performance tracking for global teams.

Timecapsule makes time tracking a breeze for global and remote teams. It’s the easiest way to track, monitor, and measure team productivity. Built for agencies, professional services, and software companies.

AI-integrated financial dashboard  that engage Clients, Leadership, Operation teams, and provide enterprise level business foresight.

Manage granular team permissions and ensure the highest level project efficiencies.

Enable international operations with Real-time FX & Multi-Currency Support.

Bank level security and Bit-256 encryption so you can rest assured, your data is protected.

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Driving innovation, scaling impact

Island X is on a mission to build “Next Gen” AI solutions that optimize the lives of businesses and consumers everywhere. We are industry and platform agnostic in AI. While we build and commercialize our own solutions, we welcome co-building or investing in ideas alongside exceptional entrepreneurs. Reach out to us.

Empower startups

Partnering with daring founders for maximum disruptive growth.


Building products and businesses that can have global reach.


Defining engineering excellence to disrupt business and consumer trends.


Fostering groundbreaking ideas that advance our world.

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What is Island X's approach to building and investing in AI solutions?

Island X embraces a top-down research approach, coupled with a value-driven mindset. We prioritize products and businesses with the potential to sustain in the market for decades. Our focus is on disruptive AI solutions that optimize the lives of businesses and consumers across various industries and platforms.

How does Island X collaborate with entrepreneurs and businesses?

Island X is committed to collaborating with exceptional entrepreneurs and businesses. We offer opportunities for co-building projects and investments in AI-driven ideas. Whether you have a concept in mind or seek support for an existing project, Island X welcomes the chance to explore partnerships and bring innovative solutions to life.

What sets Island X apart in the AI venture landscape?

Island X stands out for its industry and platform agnostic approach to AI. We are not limited by specific sectors or technologies, allowing us to explore diverse opportunities and address emerging challenges. Our focus on "Next Gen" AI solutions underscores our commitment to innovation and long-term impact in the market.

Can you tell us about Island X's current products?

Island X has launched two flagship products: Timecapsule and Starterpack. Timecapsule offers [brief description of Timecapsule's functionality and value proposition]. Starterpack, on the other hand, [brief description of Starterpack's functionality and value proposition]. Both products exemplify Island X's dedication to creating cutting-edge AI solutions that drive tangible benefits for users and businesses alike.

How does Island X select investments in AI projects?

Island X evaluates potential investments in AI projects based on several criteria. We look for innovative ideas with strong market potential and scalability. Additionally, we assess the founding team's expertise, commitment, and alignment with Island X's values. Our goal is to partner with entrepreneurs who demonstrate a clear vision, strategic thinking, and a willingness to collaborate for long-term success.

What support does Island X provide to AI startups in which it invests?

Island X offers comprehensive support to AI startups beyond financial investment. We provide strategic guidance, access to our network of industry experts, and mentorship to help startups navigate challenges and accelerate growth. Additionally, Island X offers resources in product development, marketing, and business development to enhance the startup's capabilities and maximize its potential for success.

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