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Islands designs, builds, and deploys state-of-the-art AI solutions to solve big world problems.

We partner with forward-thinking organizations, enterprise leaders, and category defining businesses to realize the true potential of AI, Machine Learning, and Data for their business.


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Build a proof of concept with us. You may be eligible for a 66% rebate on your AI R&D spend.

Led by leaders with 2 AI company acquisitions. We’re serial entrepreneurs and domain experts.

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AI Ethics and Governance

We value and guide frameworks to ensure ethical AI practices, addressing bias, privacy concerns, and transparency in AI algorithms.

Custom ML Models

Our expert data teams work with you to develop custom SOTA AI models that optimize processes, enhance efficiencies, and drive cost reductions for your organization.

Generative AI

Islands will empower your team to develop secure and scalable Generative AI applications; creating code, authoring marketing material, classifying large data, and more.

Speech-to-Text Transcription

We’ve developed the AI methods to effortlessly convert spoken words into written text with accurate and efficient speech-to-text transcription.

Intelligent Automation

Our team will build AI solutions to help automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up valuable resources and accelerate your business, industry agnostic.

AI Audit

Our meticulous evaluations cover performance, ethics, and overall impact to ensure adherence that are at the pinnacle of industry standards and legal regulations.

Data Engineering

Data Strategy

Islands can develop roadmaps and architectural plans to support your organization’s holistic data platform needs.

Data Migration

We’ll enable the transfer of all database types from on-site and cloud environments to develop, enhance, and unify your enterprise data infrastructure.

Data Warehouse Orchestration

Utilize our expertise in AWS, GCP, and Azure for migrating, storing, and enhancing traditional data warehouses, including Hadoop, Snowflake, and other big data solutions.

Big Data Analytics

We’re able to extract valuable insights that fuel informed decision-making, by efficiently processing and analyzing vast datasets.

Machine Learning pipeline orchestration

We have the prowess to deploy, monitor, and train massive models, using scalable pipelines, in production.

Data Visualization

Business Analytics

We build comprehensive business dashboards and reports that provide in-depth analytics visualizing instant, accurate, and insightful metrics.

Advanced Forecasting

We leverage data analytics beyond current insights and focus on time series forecasting through Large Language Models (LLM) and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).

Vector Search Databases

Our AI solutions are built around Vector Search Databases, enabling large store capacities, scalability, optimized indexing, and efficient data processing.

Collaborate with us to develop your AI-focused Innovation Lab

After building and selling our first bootstrapped AI company from scratch,, we wanted to help other founders and companies succeed. We know exactly what it means to be at different stages of your business, having been through 0-1 and beyond. And that’s why we created a Corporate Venture Studio, with a focus on what we know best, AI-first applications.

ChatGPT for Everyone: Learn how to use ChatGPT like a pro. We teach you prompt engineering techniques that will make every employee 4x more productive.

AI workshops: AI crash courses with a personalized syllabus.

AI Team Extension: We work with your team to build AI solutions.

AI Audit: Discover areas where AI can optimize your business.

AI Studio: An innovation team dedicated to the next big bets.

Collaborate with us to develop your AI-focused Innovation Lab

A venture model allows you to shine on the global stage and lead in AI. In this collaborative approach, we work closely with your organization to identify disruptive opportunities and drive innovation across AI, advanced tech, and related fields.

ChatGPT for Developers: Learn how to use ChatGPT like a pro. We teach you prompt engineering techniques that will make every Developer in your company 4x more productive. Ship better quality code. Ship code 10x faster.

AI Team Extension: We work with your team to build AI solutions.

Did you know?

You may be eligible for major government rebates of up to 66% off on every dollar spent in AI R&D.

Canada SR&ED Tax Incentives

Claim SR&ED up to 66% off against your AI R&D spend, for a maximum lifetime of $50M per company. We help manage the entire SR&ED process for you.

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tech stack

Powering innovation with industry-leading technologies

We embrace innovation at every stage and are seamlessly scalable. We're at the forefront of LLMs, RAG models, Transformer models, and state-of-the-art Machine Learning Engineering at scale.

Success stories

We are leaders in AI strategy and development

Processing 10x more images per Month Using Machine Learning Pipelines.

AI Tech stack


Health Tech
Pet Care
Visual AI Analysis
ML Model Deployement
Computer Vision

A visual AI engine inside a multi-tenancy platform that helps Veterinarians and pet owners monitor their pet health, in between appointments.

The results: with a snap a picture or video, receive real-time insights on pet health across all the different concern areas.

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AI-powered media platform to deliver happy news all over the world

AI Tech stack


Social Impact
AI Sentiment Analysis
ML Application

An advanced Al sentiment application that delivers positive daily news through evidence-based, scientifically backed news content.

The app sorts and classifies hundreds of thousands of imbalanced online news pieces and presents the most meaningful content to readers.

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Empowering key stakeholders with real-time insights on restaurant revenue, profitability, and key operations.

AI Tech stack


AI data Visualization
Financial analysis
Data analysis

A business analytics dashboard built with AWS QuickSight that provides business stakeholders with critical metrics to run the business such as revenue, cost, and profitability. Real-time P/L level analysis for 25 locations across North America.

Coming soon
The AI agent for every Product Manager. Build product requirements, tickets, and test cases with AI from your Figma designs in seconds.

AI Tech stack


Prompt Engineering
Computer Vision
Agile Workflow Automation
Product Development

Frameflow analyzes UI wireframes from  design tools and automatically generate development-ready tickets, test cases, and product requirements, accelerating project workflows by up to 70%. Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, early tests suggest a 35% reduction in miscommunication between designers and developers. 

Coming soon
Transcribe 4K video in real-time using AI, clip videos instantly.

AI Tech stack


Real-Time Video
ML Model
Speech to text transcription

AI video processing engine build on top of Deepgram and OpenAI Whisper that transcribes and indexes videos in real-time. The model accurately captures full dialogue and speaker diaization - allowing the video to be ready for editing minutes after production.

Coming soon
Creating the LLM engine that automates grant writing from days to minutes

AI Tech stack


Grant writer
Copy automation
Prompt Engineering

We deployed the LLM engine to streamline grant reporting, automating both technical and non-technical data derivation. The app boasts a 100% success rate in dozens of grant submissions, utilizing web-scrapers, and employing one and two-shot prompting techniques to incrementally constructs any document.

Coming soon
Harnessing AI to redefine time tracking analytics with natural language processing.

AI Tech stack


Natural Language Processing
Time Tracking
AI-driven Data Insights
Vector Database

An advanced LLM to answer database questions using natural language. We use OpenAI embeddings for text interpretation and Pinecone for efficient storage and querying. 

We pull data from Firebase, transform it, and load into PostgreSQL before pushing it to Pinecone for powerful search capabilities.

Coming soon
Revolutionizing second hand shopping with smart unified search and cross-platform aggregation.

AI Tech stack


Data Engineering
Cloud Storage Management
Search Algorithm Optimization
Web scraping
Semantic Search

Design and implementation of a cutting-edge, search platform that integrates a vast array of products from diverse marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Grailed and dozens more.

Our sophisticated engine scrapes and fetches millions of products from Marketplace sites and leverage advanced text embeddings to empower semantic search capabilities. We use AI to understand intent and contextualize meaning behind user queries, creating an intuitive search experience.

Coming soon
Creating a pipeline to create deepfake images for the creator economy.

AI Tech stack


Diffusion Models
Fine Tuning

A pipeline to fine tune stable diffusion model for creators to create and merge images together. We deploy these models as serverless functions at inference time for creators to use. 

With a couple clicks, users can upload images and write a short description to fine tune their personal image model and use it across a mirage of use cases. Create e-commerce PDP images, generate clean headshot photos, personalize backgrounds, and more.

Coming soon
Training a recommendation engine that suggests complementary menu items to customers before checkout.

AI Tech stack


Neural Networks
Association Analysis
K Means Clustering
FP Growth

A data science model that uses word embeddings and clustering techniques to train a pooled market basket model. We deployed the model to AWS SageMaker Endpoints. Our solution currently serves recommendations to thousands of customers daily resulting in 20% increase in order value.

Coming soon

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