Get up to 66% off your R&D Tech Spend with us!

Islands is a Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) partner helping businesses across Canada get up to 66% back in Investment Tax Credits. Sponsored by the Government of Canada 🇨🇦.

And get access to:

Up to 66% off your Full-time employees who's costs are dedicated to R&D

Up to 66% off your R&D spend with us

Eligible SR&ED projects include...

Research & build new AI models

Optimize your e-commerce store and product description pages

Build a new AI-Native product

Full-stack software or data engineering development

Optimize your DevOps or cloud infrastructure

Receive a comprehensive tech & cyber audit

Create your own LLM or predictive model from scratch

Receive UI/UX design consultation and development

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Who qualifies?

SR&ED is available to Canadian companies for a lifetime exemption up to 50M CAD

Canadian business

You must be Canadian business incorporated federally or provincially in Canada.


You must be building software in Canada. Team member can be Full-Time or on Contract.

Company size

You must have at least 1 Full-Time Employee on payroll.

How to apply

Applying for CDAP is simple with quick funding approval in as little as 10-15 days. You’ll tap into expert guidance from our Consultants to kickstart your digital transformation.


Book a Call

Schedule a consultation call with us.


Start your project

Be an existing client or new client with us building innovative software.


Introduction to SR&ED Consultant

We'll introduce you to your SR&ED consultant and start the process of documenting the project.


Technical Documentation

We prepare all of the documentation  required including Technical and Financial to file the Claim.



SR&ED Claimed are submitted with your fiscal year and can be rolled back up to 2 years for the initial claim.



Get pre-approved in weeks, and know approximately how much money to expect.


Collect funds

Watch the money roll into your bank account. When the money comes in, depends on when we complete submission.

SR&ED Advantages: Invest in your company's future

After meeting the eligibility criteria for the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, you'll have access to exclusive perks to take your business to the next level.

Disclaimer: Islands is not an official agency of the Government of Canada or a registered federal arm in any way.

Get up to 30%

Work with us, and get up to 30% off your development and R&D costs with us, each year.

Up to 66% off your team

Is your team involved in the project at all? Claim up to 66% of their salaries back, each year.

$50M lifetime rebate

Every company can claim up to $50M in SR&ED expenses back in their lifetime!

SR&ED your entire R&D spend today!

Tell us a little bit about your company, and one of our Consultants will be in touch to kickstart your SR&ED application. We're committed to helping you maximize the program and beyond.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about SR&ED

What is SR&ED?

SR&ED stands for Scientific Research and Experimental Development. It is a tax incentive program administered by the Canadian government to encourage businesses to engage in research and development activities that lead to innovation and technological advancement. If you're working with us, and you're a Canadian company, you're eligible for SR&ED.

Who is eligible for SR&ED tax credits?

Canadian businesses that conduct eligible research and development activities are typically eligible for SR&ED tax credits. This includes corporations, partnerships, individuals, and trusts that incur expenses related to scientific research and experimental development in Canada.

What types of activities qualify for SR&ED tax credits?

Eligible activities for SR&ED tax credits include experimental development, applied research, and basic research aimed at advancing scientific knowledge or technological innovation. These activities must involve systematic investigation or experimentation and aim to achieve technological advancement.

How do I claim SR&ED tax credits?

To claim SR&ED tax credits, businesses need to file a claim with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) along with supporting documentation, including project descriptions, technical reports, and financial records. We work partners that handle the entire process for you, so you don't have to worry.

What expenses are eligible for SR&ED tax credits?

Eligible expenses for SR&ED tax credits include wages, materials, subcontractor costs (like working with us on a project!), and overhead expenses directly related to eligible research and development activities. These expenses must be reasonable and directly attributable to SR&ED work.

What are the benefits of participating in the SR&ED program?

The SR&ED program offers several benefits to businesses, including tax incentives in the form of investment tax credits (ITCs), cash refunds for eligible expenditures. If you're already engaged in some kind of software development, chances are you are eligible for SR&ED tax credits.

Are there any recent changes or updates to the SR&ED program?

The SR&ED program undergoes periodic updates and changes. It's important to stay informed about any recent developments, including legislative changes, policy updates, or new guidelines issued by the CRA. Checking the CRA website or consulting with a tax professional can provide up-to-date information on the SR&ED program.

Still have questions?

Reach out to our team and one of our Consultants will get back to you.